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LFS E.coli Media Base

Lateral Flow System for E. coli O157


Manufacturer: Hygiena

Product code: MED2007

Package size: 500g

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LFS E.coli Media Base 

Rapid antibody-based alternative to culture methods.

The Lateral Flow System (LFS) for E. coli O157 uses test strips that employ a unique combination of anti-E. coli O157 antibodies and colloidal gold conjugate coated on the surface of a membrane. After enrichment, drop the test strip into an aliquot of enriched sample broth and read the results 10 minutes later. One control line is built into the lateral flow strip so you know the test has worked correctly. Two lines indicate a positive result. 

Proprietary enrichment media for optimized results. 

LFS E. coli enrichment media reduces enrichment time to 8 hours for 25-g samples or 10-15 hours for 375-g samples. The media powder is mixed directly with sterile water for immediate use. After enrichment, you can choose to heat-treat the samples or test them immediately.


  • No capital investment
  • Minimal training
  • Easy-to-interpret
  • Fast and simple procedure
  • Sensitive to low levels of contamination


AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method #010601 - validated on ground beef and boneless beef to perform as well as the reference culture method, even at low spike levels (1-4 cfu/25g sample)

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