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Nutrient medium Casein Peptone Bile Agar

Nutrient Medium

Type:Casein Peptone Bile Agar

Manufacturer: Dr. Möller & Schmelz GmbH (M&S)

Item Number:5230

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Casein Peptone Bile Agar


CaseinpeptoneBile-Agar(TBA, TryptoneBile-Agar) is used for the detection and enumeration of E.coli in drinking water, waste water and other samples with the membrane filter method. The formulation complies with DINENISO 9308-1:2000.Caseinpeptone provides all necessary nutrient components for bacterial growth, whereas bile salts serve as inhibitors for accompanying gram-positive bacteria. After incubation, the membrane filter is set on a filter paper, which was freshly impregnated with Indole reagent (not included in 5230 and 5231). Colonies of E. coli change the color to red. The medium is manufactured and quality tested in compliance with DIN EN ISO 11133:2014 standard






Profile:  Plastic bottles and glass tubes

Storage: Dark and dry at 4-12°C

Colour: Beige

Shelf life: 6 months


M&S sterile ready-to-use media are filled in autoclavable and break-proof polycarbonate bottles (50 ml and 250 ml) or glass tubes (20 ml). The composition of the various types of media, comply, like the NPS with the formulations specified in the pertinent standards and regulations.

Whereas the liquid media can be used immediately, the agar media first have to be remelted in a water bath at 90 - 100 °C. Once they have cooled down to around 50 °C you can pour agar plates in different sizes and thicknesses to meet your individual demands.

The shelf life of the ready-to-use media in unopened containers is 6 months.

Generally the M&S ready-to-use media are offered in three different pack sizes.

Standard pack sizes:

  • 4 x 250 ml polycarbonate bottles
  • 25 x 50 ml polycarbonate bottles
  • 25 x 20 ml glass tubes


Just like the nutrient pad sets, the production processes and quality control for our ready-to-use nutrient media
are integrated in the M&S quality management system and are based on the GMP guidelines.

The broth and agar media are produced using components from certified suppliers only. The weighed portions
of the individual components are documented with their batch numbers to guarantee their traceability
and the adjustment of the pH-value is also recorded. Careful filling and steriliZation ensures that the quality
of the individual nutrient media batches remain unaffected.

During the final control of the end products, sterility, recovery rates and if necessary any colour reactions
with positive and negative microorganisms are tested. The nutrient media only leave our premises if they fulfil
all of the requirements.

The batch-related M&S quality certificate that is enclosed with every package confirms that M&S products
have been checked according to our quality standards and that they meet these.

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