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Tryptone USP, 500grams

TRYPTONE, 500 grams

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TRYPTONE USP, 500 grams


Tryptone USP is suitable for a wide variety of uses in general bacteriology for the preparation of culture media. As a result of its high tryptophan concentration, it is used for the detection of indole production. Lacking fermentable carbohydrates, it is included in media used to study sugar fermentations. Because of its compatibility with other ingredients, peptones or extracts, Tryptone USP is included in the composition of media intended for the growth and enumeration of bacteria in water, milk, other food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Combined with papaic digest of soybean meal, it is used for the preparation of Tryptone Soy Broth and Tryptone Soy Agar.


Dehydrated medium : 
A1401HA - 500 g bottle
A1401GC - 5 kg drum

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